Many years of experience helps our team creating unique booth design. Our engineers developed many technologies for constructing exhibition equipment which meets the highest requirements. Powerful industrial base allows us to realize even the most daring design decisions!

As exhibition stand builders, we create trade show booth design made of glass, plastic, particle board, polystyrene sheets, acrylic and other materials. Booth design includes 3D visualization and construction solution which helps to implement the conception of exhibit booth.

Every project we draw based on company needs and unique ideas which collectively lead to the best result!

As suppliers and providers we offer:

  • Exclusive 3d projects
  • Exhibition stand hire
  • Logistics and installation
  • Supporting your project

Entrust this work for professionals and the result will exceed all your expectations!

What information you should send us for drawing your project?

  • Exhibition floor plan
  • Event details
  • Design & Build budget
  • hire or purchase
  • Stand space details (configuration, size, height)
  • Additional details (logos, graphics, main marketing theme, furniture, etc.)
  • Proposal deadline

If you have more information, for example: preferring number of seats in meeting room, decoration (plant & floral), catering requirements– it will help our team to create project faster.

How much time we need for drawing 3d visualization?

Our exhibition stand designers need 1-2 weeks for planning and drawing the project. Every project includes:

Professional booth design which looks like real and high-quality engineering solution which guarantees reliability of ideas by TORI-EXPO.

Our team can implement projectswhich will meet all your objectives of booth design.

Exhibition stands are very important elements throughout of trade show exhibits.

Without doubt, for the best results you should trust this work to professionals!



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