TORI-EXPO LTD are producers of the unique exhibition equipment which is protected by patents in Europe. Our production bases are located in Ukraine (Kiev) and Poland (Warsaw) which allows us to cover all European market. As a member of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce and Industry) - we guarantee successful transportation of your exhibition stand at any trade show which is located in Europe.

Our company structure consists not only from Design, Sales and Production departments. We have strong skilled Engineering, Logystic and Marketing departments which are always take care of your exhibition stand project during preparation process, communicate with organizers. The main goal for us is not just to create the project - we want to help you to get a success during the show, help your business to grow and create strong brand visuality. 

We are proud of what we do and want you to proud by your choice. We are always do all of our best to found a perfect solution for your company to exhibit.

In Europe we can offer 2 types of exhibition stands:


  • Wooden exhibition stands which are decorated by banner, oracal, plastic, acrylic materials, moss, wood, etc (depends of cutomer's budget and stand concept). 


  • Glass exhibition stands with inner illumination. This type of equipment is invented by TORI-EXPO LTD and protected by patents in European and CIS countries. The graphics is looking amazing on glass walls and if you want to attract more attantion to your stand - it's perfect decision. The glass pannels are durable and made from TSG (Tempered Savety Glass). We can optimise your exhibition area by this type of equipment because the stand construction can have different forms: round, wavy, straight and there is an option to create a delightful showcases inside the wall which will save some area and allow you to introduce your products.

If you are planning to exhibit in Europe and looking for ehibition stand contractors in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland - please don't hesitate to contact us!