Tori-Expo LTD is the exhibition booth builder with successful experience of stand construction in  Europe. The beautiful exhibition booths creatively designed and professionally assembled by our team became the visit cards of our customers at the exhibitions in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Nurnberg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Barcelona, Madrid and many other European cities.

With pride and joy we inform you about a new exhibition stand which has recently been built specially for our customer Barcelona Marine Farm Company (Blau Aquaristic) which took part in the Interzoo exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany (8-11, May 2018).

glass Blau


The BLAU AQUARISTIC brand was actually created to respond to the ever-growing necessities of marine aquarists that could immediately respond with the latest trends and innovations in the field. Tori-Expo LTD also operates in the fast-growing exhibition market, and we strive to keep up with the time. Therefore, we have developed our own unique glass construction with an idea that this specific material will help to present the companies of clients in the most advantageous way. And we would like to emphasize that more and more companies are willing to order our glass exhibition stands, because they make a difference and help any company outstand in the exhibition halls. Barcelona Marine Farm Company also decided that their production will look perfectly in our glass trade fair booth, and it happened to be the right choice! The magic starts when the glass exhibition booth is lighten up. It is really a breath-taking and unsurpassed show, which holds your attention, so that you cannot move on and remove your gaze from the beautiful reflections on the surface of the glass squares, which are sparkling with spots and highlights. The colors of the trade fair booth graphics, which was developed by the team of our creative designers, were carefully adjusted intentionally to make a profound admiration of the exhibition visitors. The whole look was gracefully amplified with the aquariums with the production of our customer. Water with lots of bubbles and colorful corals looked gorgeous and attractive on the background of the glass stand. It seemed as if fishes were swimming in air. Apart from this, the blue lighting of the raised floor looked like water in combination with glass, water, aquariums and seaweeds. The customer was completely satisfied with the result of our cooperation and successful exhibition.



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