Tori -Expo LTD is an exhibition stand builders have done exhibition booth design and built it for Gur-Is LTD in Barcelona in Spaine. Our high qualified crew will create you the most beautiful exhibition booth in fair.

In manufacturing we used our patented exhibition equipment with we have produced itself.

Our design team have created unique printing design taking into consideration all client requirements.


We are happy to inform you about our new exhibition booth which we have built in Fira Barcelona. The construction of the stand has been successfully completed recently. The exhibition stand design is unique and special. It was thoughtfully designed for this booth by our team of designers and constructors. During the development of the exhibition booth design we took into consideration all the peculiarities of our customer company activities, their products, preferences. We carefully considered zones, which the exhibition booth should include, and placed them in the most favorable way so that passing by visitors of the exhibition could easily get a sign of our customer stand and products displayed. We used corporate colors to highlight company style. At the stage of approving the stand project we are always open for cooperation and dialogue with clients. Such an approach facilitates the overall process of booth approving and shortens the time required for finalization of the booth design. Every team member of our company contributes the knowledge and desire to accomplish the project in the most gorgeous manner and receive the best feedback from client.

We build relations with our customers on the basis of trust and honesty. That’s why the clients of our company are grateful to us and determined to continue ordering our booths. Our principle is to take into the serious consideration the uniqueness of each client and specialness of client’s needs. That is the reason why every stand built by us possesses its own distinguishing features. Each client can be confident and rely on us that the construction we have once created specifically for his or her company will not be used for other stands. The same is with design. We do not follow the practice of using the design already applied to one customer to other. Every customer is significant and important for us. We used to consult our customers on all the aspects related to the exhibition industry which may be important to them during the preparation to the exhibition or the exhibition itself. Moreover, we propose different materials for our customers so that they could exhibit their companies on a top-level. There are cases when our clients address us with the intention to build a wooden stand, but as soon as they see the beauty of the glass stand construction with its soft reflections and magnificent specular highlight which are complemented with the thin delicate lines of light coming from the lamps mounted inside the glass stands they cannot think of any other variants but the glass one for their stands. We are thankful to our customers for their trust in us. Their positive feedbacks to us are the highest appraisal of our work.



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